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Museum News
Museum of Chinese Lantern important reception

Time£ş2010-08-07 10:58:18

1,1994 opened on February 1.

2, the State Council Information Office of the Deputy Director, Communication Office, Li Yuan, deputy director of the DPRK at the opening ceremony, (photo)

3, China National Tourism Administration as one visits Ho Museum (photo)

4, Xie Shijie, secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee visited the museum (photo)

5, Sichuan vice governor Xu Shiqun inscription: "Number One Light, the world's first museum"

Open view of a month, the museum received 50,000 visits from 10 countries and regions, more than 20 tourist cities. (Photo)

6, the Chinese Lantern Museum also received from Canada, Thailand, the United States, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions of the guests. (Photo)

7, NPC Vice Chairman Wang Guangying and his wife in the city leaders, visited the museum lights.

8, NPC Vice Chairman, KMT Central Committee Chairman He Luli to visit the museum and learn about Zigong Lantern Festival lantern display at the situation.

9, Mr. Liu Qian to visit the museum lights and inscription.

10, the world's 500 leading enterprises in the city, visited the museum lights.

11, Taiwan, mainland China calligraphy exhibition at the Carnival Museum.

12, Toshio Takagi, president of Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association, and his party to the exchange of lantern carnivals and cultural museums.

13, Party Secretary Wang Hailin visit the Museum of the Chinese Lantern's "Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival Sixteenth National Invitational Exhibition of famous painter."

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