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External display

    Museum of Chinese lanterns with their own advantages and strengths, host a number of Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival and the session in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Harbin, Zhongshan, Foshan, Nanning, Guiyang and Thailand , Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, held in more than 60 large and medium-lantern exhibition and visited the Department of river north and south. Lantern Festival organized by the momentum of its magnificent, superb technology, new and unique ideas by Guan Deng's highly praised exhibition to attract visitors in the waves, and achieved good economic and social benefits for the Zigong Lantern known as the "best in the world light" made a unique contribution.

    China Lantern Museum of Zigong International Dinosaur has undertaken Lantern planning, design, production, exhibition work, gather the Zigong area produced a large number of lantern design elite, is the most authoritative of Zigong City, the whole country and the strength of the lantern design, production and sales units. Lantern designers, art teachers, electrical division, Wooden division, tied workers, wall paper workers, artists and other special types are available, staff and tidy. Light show with a rich organization, planning the layout and display experience. Undertake various activities in large, medium and small lantern display tasks, and can in large and medium-sized hall in organizing boutique Zigong Lantern Show.

Rental Project

Office of the Chinese Lantern Museum sequence (for popular campaign site)

China Lantern Museum multimedia screening room (for large conferences and propaganda activities in places)

China Lantern Museum conference room (for a small meeting space)

China Lantern Museum Meetings have a full set of imported brand-name set up under the audio-visual equipment, 200-inch Panasonic projector, which can accommodate hundreds of people's multimedia performance hall; two high-end business meeting rooms; thousands of square meters of indoor and outdoor large-scale performance without; wireless broadband Internet. Business meeting is held in high-quality, large-scale exhibition of modern performance, enterprise products, wedding celebrations and other activities ideal.

Lantern Museum Meetings Center fees are as follows:

A multimedia performance hall: 300 yuan / Field

Second, the meeting room: 100 yuan / Field

3, Museum Performance Hall: (based on program content, timing)

4, Outdoor Plaza: 200 yuan / Field

5, performance audio equipment: 150 yuan / Field

Lantern Fair Museum welcomes the community to come to the external business service centers, and excellent facilities provide the service.

Contact department: Outreach Show Division

Tel: 13990000300 13154656691 13198760396


Zigong Lantern Park in the west, with pirate ships, travel into space, Ferris mirage, rotating flying saucer, double flying, super swing, stroll more than 40 cable and other recreational facilities.

At Park Central is a good place for leisure visitors, with cruise ships, fishing and other projects.

Watch item

Zigong Lantern Park Zoo is located in the north of the existing tiger, monkey, peacock, black bears and other 30 kinds of animals。

Supporting services


Herb garden, still garden, Wisteria Park restaurant environment, comfort, convenience and health, to provide dining services for visitors.

Tea garden

Several open-air tea garden in the exhibition will provide leisure tea service. Elegant environment, strong features, builds character.

Shopping center

Simon at the museum on the second floor, sales Lantern souvenirs, local folk crafts and so on.

Opening hours

Beijing Time 8:30-17:30 (open all year round, no closing date); evening appointments Session lights.

Ticket prices

First, turn on the lights scattered Session tourists visited the 40 yuan / person.

Second, the team Session light on visit, less than 50 600 yuan, more than 50 people 40 yuan per person per ticket.

Third, do not run a static display of lights set to visit 8 yuan / person.

4, 1.2 meters tall and free admission for children, half-price concession minors, minors Reservations for groups to visit free of charge.

Fifth, older with ID, 60 years old to 69 years old half price, 70 years of age free.

Six servicemen, disabled certificate cases free.

7, Commentary fee: Mandarin 50 / batch, English and Japanese 100 / approval.

Note: Session light on visit time of 1 hour.

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