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Where is the museum? [2010-8-6]
Which bus to reach the museum? [2010-8-6]
Museum of the opening hours? [2010-8-6]
What are the contents of the museum visit? [2010-8-6]
Museum of Chinese lantern display of six most of the framework constructed Chen exhibition hall set up procedures, culture and history of Chinese light halls, the museum is open free to the object have? [2010-8-6]
Museums have parking lots do, whether they charge? [2010-8-6]
When there are talks, charging it? [2010-8-6]
Have no language to explain? [2010-8-6]
Visitors can take photographs in the exhibition hall? [2010-8-6]
The museum is a place to rest? [2010-8-6]
Temporary exhibitions require additional fees? [2010-8-6]
Museum of Chinese lanterns which outreach achievements? [2010-8-6]
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