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Introduction Cultural Park Lantern

    In traditional Chinese culture, Variety and the picture, the colorful, light-rich culture connotation is particularly stunning eyes. China's ancient light materials, illumination, wonderful, wonderful workmanship, embody generations of working people feeling rich, shining light of wisdom of the Chinese. 1992, approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, established only on the light of our culture, professional Museum - Museum of Chinese lanterns. As the Chinese lantern collection, conservation, study and display of the specialized agencies, the "best in the world lights, the world's first museum" in the world. The establishment of the Chinese Lantern Museum, the end of our culture for thousands of lights there is no specific history collection and research institutions.

    To further explore the integration of cultural resources the city of lights, 2001, China Lantern Museum of Zigong Lantern parks combined. New 48-meter-high "city of the southern lights," a landmark lighthouse, close to light street lights, city, new cultural style with light north gate, formed a unique set of cultural and artistic lamp light hall, garden lights, beacon, Light Street, Light City as one of the architectural community.

    November 11, 2004, the Ministry of Culture to Culture production [2004] No. 43 article named "China Sichuan Zigong Lantern cultural development park." Park Museum and the Zigong Lantern Chinese Lantern Park as the main base for the model of national cultural industries. Planning area of 93,381.82 square meters.

    Relying on the Chinese Lantern Zigong Lantern Festival Cultural Development Zone brand, create a culture for the lights, landscaping and play and leisure and reasonable layout of the three areas, functional and beautiful environment, culture and prosperity, and culture on behalf of the Chinese lantern of the National Cultural Industry Model Base .

    Chinese Lantern Zigong Lantern Festival Cultural Development Park as the host, standing on the commanding height of lantern to lantern culture as its theme, is a microcosm of China and the Chinese Lantern Lantern research, discovery, collection, protection and display base Landscape is the center of Zigong City, and the public recreation center and cultural center of Zigong City night.

    Chinese Lantern Park in accordance with the functional area of cultural development, fragmentation concentration, the relative independence and the principle of combination, from south to north into the lantern and cultural area, garden area and play and leisure areas and the corresponding lights in the various districts landscape.

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