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Lantern Festival Souvenirs

Origin of light

    The invention of lamps and people's understanding and use of fire is closely related to human understanding and preservation of the fire is lighting the premise of the invention. Since ancient times, the night is not a friend of mankind, it not only limits the range of activities, but also for wild animals attack human activities and provided a good opportunity. Imagine living in the jungle of human ancestor, how is it curse the dark? Hundreds of thousands of years ago, with human nature, the function generated by the increasing awareness of fire, fire, cooked food that people not only become the most precious wealth of material, has become one for lighting, the only tool for the expulsion of darkness. After another long years of life practice, people mastered the new techniques of artificial make fire, the different ways to meet the lighting needs, gradually began consciously to use a fixed number of auxiliary equipment to a certain fire. The fire source used to fixed some auxiliary equipment through continuous improvement and evolution, the emergence of special lighting lamps.

    China's first light appeared in the Warring States, and since then continuous development so far. All ages across the country and the model lamp unearthed and discovered. A large number of archaeological data show that China is not only a wide variety of ancient lamps, also has a strong practical and times, and many novel design, unique style lamps, or fine art. These lamps not only for studying the development of ancient Chinese lamps to provide the physical data, but also from different angles to reflect different times of Cultural Meaning. Particularly since the Han dynasty there after the custom of the Lantern Festival lantern display, lantern making is ancient unabated until today's highly developed modern lamps, lanterns are still people celebrate the Spring Lantern Festival an annual essential items.

Zigong Lantern Festival

    China is one of the first country to use lights. With the extensive use of light, light goods has become even more wonderful, wonderful workmanship. Lantern Festival Chinese history, the Lantern Festival and multifaceted, embodied the strong local flavor, the formation of a profound cultural accumulation.

    According to historical records, Tang and Song Dynasties Zigong region has gradually formed Enlightening the New Year, the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival Cai Zhang practices before and after. Zigong Lantern Festival began to take shape during the Ming and Qing. In recent years, more for its unique to the Zigong Lantern Festival Rhythm, unique charm, fame and foreign, to the world, won the "city of the southern lights" and "Number One Light" reputation!

Zigong Lantern Industry

    Zigong Zigong Lantern Festival is a unique, registered in the SAIC-known cultural brand. Zigong Lantern Zigong Lantern Festival is rooted in the cultural industries. As of 2007, more than 80 companies operating in the industrial and commercial sector registered Lantern business, the whole industry realized total revenue of 304.5303 million yuan, profit and tax of 21.0043 million yuan, driven Employment 32,182 people.

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