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Permanent Exhibition

    China Lantern Museum covers an area of 10.3 hectares, with a total construction area of 6375 square meters; building to light as the theme, like a group of buildings large lanterns. At night, the museum body contour lights come and go, the museum Lantern glory leak, pavilions, Ambilight, Galaxy head down.

    Museum open square in front of the left and the middle is the former head of the CPC's external advocacy groups, the State Council Information Office, Comrade Zhu wrote the Museum of Zigong membership name and the famous calligrapher, poet, Mr. Liu Qian Inscription hall. Inscription next to the cascading water fountain lights with the hemisphere-type, Taraxacum-type fountain flowing, glorious overflowing. Night watch, it is a cool heart pleasing to the eye, do not have fun.

    Most of the Chinese Lantern Museum to build a six-framework displayed on the display, set up procedures room, multimedia presentation room, the Office of Chinese cultural and historical light, China Light and cultural art gallery, history and development of Zigong Lantern Festival Hall, Zigong Lantern Festival Hall boutique browsing, Zigong Lantern Festival Hall process, special materials and the Chinese Lantern Festival in Zigong Lantern Hall, let us display the museum through the display of Chinese lanterns, the understanding of the invention of fire, light the advent of the production of human life and development are closely related, inextricably linked, but also Chinese lanterns on the customs, history and legends of Zigong Lantern Festival Chinese cultural history and development of light to have a basic understanding.

Exhibition display

Introduction Hall

    Office order to light the wall, "China Light Verse" bas-relief murals, "Tang Huan light map" and the two wooden relief piece "Spring Song", "Heaven and Earth a lengthy" form. Light wall "China Light Dance" with murals, relief and modern system of lighting technology and other comprehensive arts production. The above reflects the main elements of Chinese lanterns through the formation and development of the long form of the colorful lanterns culture and arts, cultural heritage of mankind has added a bright pearl.

Multimedia Screening Room

    Can bring new forms of theater audiences in the visual, auditory experience on the full range.

Office of the Chinese culture and history lamp

    The use of fire to allow the human to civilization. The fire in the conservation and concentrated use of light appeared as the foundation. To the Spring and Autumn Period, people started to write the history of civilization using simple lighting. Light from the rough stone to the bronze lamp, lamp changes not only clear to the progress of human civilization, more deeply reflect that the level of socio-economic and cultural development. Office of the Chinese culture and history light light light old light, will show us the history of 3000 years of lighting changes.

Chinese Lantern Art Exhibition Hall

    Chinese Lantern After a lengthy development process, forming a rich and varied cultural and artistic lights.

Zigong Lantern Festival Hall process

    Zigong system of light-based technology to hand, took thousands of years, passing far, formed from bamboo papered to Sizha shape, color separation wall paper; from a single static to "shape, color, light, sound, action" are prepared by independent distinctive lantern making processes, and combined with modern science and technology, Zigong Lantern Festival to create a unique artistic style has gained world renown.

Zigong Lantern Festival Hall Fine View

    Zigong Lantern Festival and do a first shape, color, sound, light, unity of action to the Rhythm of unique display of boundless charm. Shape, color, light, sound, moving the organic integration of Zigong Lantern Festival is the core of artistic features, is an important indicator lights of modern art.

Office of the Chinese lantern

    The Chinese nation has a lengthy history of five thousand years of civilization. Vast vast land, all ethnic groups, geographic distinctive style lantern, lantern in the world dominate the field.

    Department of Fine Chinese lantern, set around the lantern of the Johnson pose, dynamic and static light View combine culture and folk customs combination of light to "light" to showcase local customs and show the style of accommodating China.

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