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Institutional setup

    China Lantern Museum of Zigong Lantern Park in 2001 upon the merger (hereinafter referred to Hall (Park)). October 10, 2004 produced by The People's Republic of China Ministry of Culture to Culture [2004] 43 Man named Cultural Industry Model Base - Sichuan Zigong Lantern cultural development zone in China.

1, main duties:

(A) is responsible for the museum's collection of Chinese lanterns, protection, research and display work.

(B) of the Carnival culture Carnival culture based theme park and the planning and construction.

(C) for Hall (Park), the management of state assets, prevent wastage and increasing the value of it, to ensure sustainable development.

(D) is responsible for improving the Museum (Park) environment, renewal and reconstruction of facilities to provide good leisure and entertainment.

(E) for Hall (park) rides and operating the project construction management, to create a good economic benefits.

(F) is responsible for plant cultivation and protection, enhanced landscape construction, garden construction to improve grades.

(7) is responsible for animal feeding, breeding, increasing the variety and expanding scale, improving ornamental.

(8) for Hall (Park) within the major festivals of the organization and the contractor work to enrich people's cultural life.

(9) for Hall (Park) personal property, to prevent all kinds of major security incidents.

Second, internal organs

    According to the above responsibilities, the Museum (Park)) Set 7 The Game:

(A) Office

    Some leaders do to help coordinate the work of external liaison and information gathering; responsible for sending and receiving documents, drafting, clerical, filing, letters, confidentiality and other administrative work; timely and accurate communication, and implementing the Museum (Director) office meeting, office Council decisions and resolutions to strengthen the supervision and inspection; for Museum (Park) transfer of personnel, labor wages, evaluation and professional titles undergo to be back, leave without pay, retired personnel management; for Museum (Park) fixed assets, production materials, office supplies, labor supplies and other materials in the purchase, management and payment. Valuable coupons for pool management. Responsible for staff education and training, assessment, classification management;

(B) Finance

    Implement the country's financial laws and regulations and strictly implement financial systems, maintaining financial discipline, doing accounting work, so that a complete accounting norms; formulate fiscal and other financial related programs; for Museum (Park) the income and expenditure of funds management, timely completion annual financial revenue and expenditure plan, day and year-end financial statements for the balance sheet; responsible for compiling the financial report, prices, and tax statements, manage financial records. Complete the tax work and tax, financial, price three inspections; integrated management of the funds, timely reporting the use of funds; for Museum (Park) within the unified management of the fund balance to ensure the safety of funds; responsible for establishing improve reimbursement, cash, cash checks, a note of transfer and other financial management system. The establishment of fixed asset management system, and monitoring;

(C) display Section Outreach

    Carnival Museum is responsible for outreach and publicity marketing, organizational team to visit. Explanation for the team to visit, guided tours. Light goods for the development, production and sales. Responsible for the production of lights, lights inside and outside sales and the museum's tour. For lantern collection, sorting, filing work. Responsible for doing a good job with the Department of Cultural Affairs, Tourism Bureau and other business interface work.

(D) Operating Division

    Responsible for developing Museum (Park) the overall business development plan, implement and operate the project. Admission good for attracting funds for park management contract negotiation and project related work. Manage the existing business park project. Organize competitions good project services, improve service management system. Responsible for planning, and undertaking large-scale festivals and park activities of daily external contract-related business. Do a good job on the rides for safety inspections, complete amusement equipment and annual routine maintenance work to ensure safe operation without incident. Improve the park to oversee the existing animal feeding, breeding, management.

(E) Engineering and Technology Division

    Carnival Museum is responsible for development planning, well lantern museum's infrastructure. Responsible for the collection and protection of the lanterns and research. Carnival Heritage Museum is responsible for the collection and related information, sorting, and filing work. Responsible for the daily management and protection of exhibits to ensure the normal use. Responsible for exhibits and Cleaning of environmental health. Responsible for exhibits in the museum's security management, to prevent the loss of exhibits, theft and security incidents. For Museum (Park) in public facilities, lighting facilities, utilities network management and maintenance of museum work.

(F) Sanitation Branch Garden

    According to Park, the overall construction planning, green landscape design for the park is good, implementation; for Park green belt, bedding plants, planting, maintenance and other management (including tillage, weeding, fertilizing, watering, timely and clear the vines, dead branches and yellow leaves, etc.); for garden plants, pest and disease control work, do a good job control records; responsible for transforming the landscape bonsai plant production, conservation and exhibition of work, the external landscaping works contract; responsible for trimming hedges and garden style plants Designs of variety sought to overcome the dull, monotonous style.

    Trunk Road for park and other public health areas cleaning, cleaning and garbage collection, transport work, the health region in the daily cleaning work must be completed before 7:30 am, cleaning twice a day, around the clock cleaning implement; responsible Park garbage bin, seat, fence, and tile cleaning; clear water to prevent mosquito breeding. According to quarantine authorities require regular rodent control and environmental disinfection; cleaning team on the park for a day of environmental health checks at least once, and make records.

(7) Security Security Section

    The unit has overall responsibility for production safety, social security comprehensive management, fire, flood prevention work and other various safety; establish and improve the safe production responsibility system of the unit; Organizing the formulation of the safety regulations and practices; supervision and inspection The unit's safety production, safety and timely elimination of potential causes of accidents, serious internal disputes, mediation, good job stability maintenance work; responsible for key parts of the park's safety precautions and fire management, adhere to 24-hour security patrols, especially during the holidays to increase Security management efforts; responsible for the day shift park four doors, and out the door night of materials management and management, improve access to garden supplies management procedures; for active interface with the public security departments, district police station received operational guidance and management gradually standardized management system, Park security officers do a good job of business skills training, improve the safety and security system; for park residents, park unit in security management and business users; timely and accurately report all security incidents;

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