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Lantern Parks

    Zigong Lantern Park was established in 1925, before liberation, called Hui Shenggong Park. After the liberation, changed its name to People's Park, was renamed in 1988 in Zigong Lantern Park.

    Zigong Lantern Park is located in downtown area of a 10.3 ha (of which the surface 0.75 hectares), is a set of gardens, animals, recreation, fitness, tourism as an integrated cultural park, the city's only " green lung ", Zigong Lantern Festival is held in major venues locally, Zigong Zigong Lantern Festival Lantern Park is home to every Lunar New Year, here are the most sophisticated meta-Zigong Zigong Lantern for tourists from home and abroad and enjoy. Average more than 100 million annual tourists.

    Lantern Park a total of old and valuable trees, and flowers over a hundred species. A Siberian tiger and other animal protection at the national level, there are camels, peacocks, bears, monkeys, ostriches and many other kinds of animals, in southern Sichuan region has a certain scale and visibility. Lantern Park, the People's Liberation Monument, erected in the park the main area, a storm lying on the lake promenade. Lantern Park multi-service, full range of needs to meet the visitors. Park amusement park has dozens of rides for visitors to play. Restaurants, teahouses and shopping provide visitors convenient operating point. In addition, the park each year, "51", "11" organized by the garden party, Flower, fairs and other events, have achieved good economic and social benefits.

    To further explore the integration of cultural resources the city of lights, 2001, China Lantern Museum of Zigong Lantern parks combined. New 48-meter-high "city of the southern lights," a landmark lighthouse, close to light street lights, city, new cultural style with light north gate, formed a unique set of cultural and artistic lamp light hall, garden lights, beacon, Light Street, Light City as one of the architectural community.

    Zigong Lantern Park on November 11, 2004 produced by The People's Republic of China Ministry of Culture to Culture [2004] 43 Man named Cultural Industry Model Base - Sichuan Zigong Lantern cultural development zone in China. Park Museum and the Zigong Lantern Chinese Lantern Park as the main demonstration base for the national cultural industry, plan an area of 93,381.82 square meters.

    To meet the needs of the masses, but also green space in the public, Zigong Lantern Park on October 1, 2009 to the public free of charge.

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